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A legal functional mushroom company focused on your
mind, body and spirit.


Silo Wellness


Silo Wellness is a growth-oriented holding company focused on functional mushroom and psychedelic opportunities that benefit from a unified ecosystem and exceptional leadership. SILO was founded in Oregon and has been in the psychedelics and functional mushroom space since 2018 and ultimately formulated and announced a patent-pending psilocybin nasal spray in Jamaica in 2019. This metered-dosing delivery modality was created for consumer microdosing to address some of the primary issues that may prevent many from trying natural psychedelics for the first time, including dose reliability, taste, upset stomach, and stigma. The nasal spray bypasses the digestive system by entering the bloodstream through the nasal membranes.

Douglas K. Gordon

CEO Silo Wellness

Interview with
There are a lot of folks struggling out there. And we have access to this wonderful plant medicine that can make a material difference in their lives. And so the commercialization of our business is first and foremost to be able to facilitate getting that medicine to as many people as can get it.
Consumers are increasingly interested in incorporating mushrooms into their wellness routines. Through our propagation operations, wellness retreats and upcoming retail location, it’s our aim to make mushroom-based products, experiences and education accessible at a time when so many people are struggling with mental health and other issues.

Douglas K. Gordon

CEO Silo Wellness

Interview with

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Experience one of our retreats

Are you ready to take back control of your life and your personal journey? Are you prepared to learn to release control of your journey to your higher self? You may not control the destination, but you control the steps on the journey. Why not choose an intention or destination that you can be proud to share with others? Something that resonates within you. Something selfless and greater than yourself.

Legal Psychedelic Mushroom Retreats in Jamaica

Choose one of our legal psychedelic mushroom retreats in Jamaica and enjoy the serene scenery of the tropical island as you relax and re-centre. Each registration is subject to screening and approval by facilitators. (No medical treatment or psychotherapy is offered or available at the retreat.

Silo Wellness Women’s Retreat

This 5-day / 4-night psilocybin–assisted retreat will help you tap into your divine feminine energy and bring forth your best self. Let our well-trained, indigenous retreat leaders guide you on the journey to connect with your inner self to redefine your femininity and let it set your intentions and purpose for a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Featured Products

Silo x Marley One

By bringing together the Marley Family’s deep roots and Silo Wellness’ cutting-edge formulations, Marley One™ strives to bridge the gap between time honored-tradition and modern science. It is our mission to offer you plant based products that support a whole health lifestyle.