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You are helping launch the industry's first internationally-known psychedelic brand. Now enjoy its benefits and spread the word!

If you own or have purchased at least $500 worth of shares, you may receive up to 20% off a retreat or priority booking for a private curated retreat just for you and your guests. You may also request a special discount code to share on social media for up to 20% off for anyone in your network.  This offer is not good along with other discounts and may not apply to every retreat. Inquire for details and applicability.  Silo Wellness reserves the right to re-extend this or similar offers at any time or to altogether discontinue the shareholder benefits in their entirety.  This offer has no monetary value and may be cancelled at anytime without recourse.  Offer ends 08.31.2022.

This discount is designed for you to share the love and spread the message of mushrooms to those who may not know anything about the wellness aspects of mushrooms or who may be unaware of any brands with a vision in this most interesting space.  As owners of the company, YOU can help spread the word about YOUR product and this new industry. Please consider sharing with a friend or family member. 

Why psychedelic mushrooms?

Mushrooms can often let you step aside from your standard frame of reference and view yourself – your life, past, future – from a the vantage point of a third-part observer.  The peer-reviewed research supports potential benefits. With fungus being more closely related to humans than plants, and fungus having been on planet earth longer than plants, we look forward to watching science continue to catch up with the ancient traditions from around the world.  

Why is Silo Wellness offering owner discounts to current shareholders?

A corporation is a collection of individuals set on a common purpose.  What if that purpose was something bigger than oneself; bigger than yesterday or tomorrow?  But solely rooted in this One timeless moment: the “right now.” Right now, our owners can work together to promote this collective need for Oneness: One Love. One Heart.  One World.  

The purpose of Silo Wellness is healing and wellness today. Right now.  Our goal is destigmatizing mushrooms generally and more specifically psychedelic healing.  

Silo Wellness owners helping destigmatize mushrooms and psychedelics

One Heart - Can psychedelics help people be more open to unity?

Natural products containing substances that cause altered states of consciousness (“ASOC” compounds) may heal or redirect the brain to encourage interconnectivity of society, family units, friends, management teams, political leaders, etc.  A lot can be said about this and how to accomplish it or the pharmacology and different hypotheses behind it. 

Plant Medicine for meditation.

Cannabis, or “ganja” if you are in Jamaica, was a gateway to mystical experiences and meditation for many.  For those that use it as something more spiritual, as many Rastafari do, it can be centered on loving intentions, and it can promote very open and philosophical and/or spiritual thoughts.

For many people, ganja was their first introduction to plant medicine and ASOC which served as a gateway to trying mushrooms for the same purposes.  In effect, plant medicine destigmatized natural products for meditation and ASOC. 

Many mushrooms have ASOC properties but many fear both ASOC experiences in particular and mushrooms generally. Mushrooms in general must be destigmatized before widespread use.  Functional mushrooms for health and wellness mean mushrooms used for something that is helpful to the functioning of the body other than as mere calories. Psychedelic mushrooms are functional mushrooms.  

Functional mushrooms as a potential gateway to psychedelic mushrooms.

ASOC mushrooms are just another functional mushroom, by helping the consciousness, will, or purpose function more in accordance with our own intentions for example.  Before we even get to combatting people’s fears of ASOC experiences, we first need to combat their mycophobia: their fear of mushrooms in general. 

For many, mushrooms — any type of mushrooms — are creepy little things that pop up in theorest once a year for a limited period of time and then disappear.  We are told not to try them since we were children, because they may be toxic.  We also often had bad culinary experiences and have a “disgusting texture” mindset about them as well. 

Humans are so disconnected from nature that we don’t have the collective cultural wisdom or even the time to figure this out for ourselves. We need a trusted brand to curate that experience, much like the wise elders of the past curated that for their tribe.

It is our hope with our retreats that functional mushrooms curated by a trusted brand might not only reduce mycophobia but they can introduce many to a product category they have never heard of before.

Most consumers have never heard of any brand of mushrooms whatsoever.  It is disappointing that we have forgot this ancient wisdom but likely this knowledge has been siloed for us to find again.  

Changing minds through sharing our stories.

Most people would be willing to try something new based on a trusted friend’s recommendation rather than random advertisements.  How did you try cannabis for the first time or psychedelic mushrooms? Was it due to some TV-like drug dealer archetype encouraging you to “try the first one for free” or was it a friend introducing you to something new after relaying their own personal transformative journey?  

We want friends and family to spread the One Love.  We want owners of our Silo Wellness retreats brand to share their experiences and encourage reviews. Not only are they vouching for our services, but they are vouching for the company as owners. They are “all in” so to speak. That’s way different than annoying MLM people.  We know that our owners are the best advocates as they have been since Day One.

Giving something back to our owners

We want to give back to our shareholders who believe in us and also to encourage shareholders to be “owners” rather than mere speculative investment “traders.”

We have something unique here. You own a piece of a psychedelic healing company.  That’s special.  This opportunity is special.  Let’s take advantage of our first-mover status together with a team of owners with a common purpose.  

We want a consumer’s first introduction to the psychedelics to be with a brand they can remember and relate to.  A brand that has an underlying philosophy that is better than revenue and consumer culture. You may forget the name of other service providers or consumer brands, but you will never forget who introduced you to the One Love of psychedelic journeys.  

Nature is from where our human consciousness originated and it’s where we must return reset our purpose.
Silo Wellness is looking to become a de-risking platform for the psychedelic investor.

Shareholder Eligibility

If you hold the minimum number of shares discussed above of Silo Wellness (OTC: SILFD | CSE: SILO) as of the time your retreat is booked or discount code is requested, you may qualify for a one-time discount code to be used within thirty days to book a scheduled retreat.  However, we hope you pay it forward and share your discount code with as many others for free or become your own little mini-reseller/affiliate advertiser. The vision is to introduce YOUR company to others in your sphere of influence and have our One Purpose spread like a mycelium network.

How to prove that you are an owner (Canadians: "SILO" ticker) (U.S. Residents: "SILFD" ticker)

In these days of electronic stock trading, you no longer have a shareholder certificate.  You own ones and zeroes.  No worries! Simply log into your brokerage account. If you are on E-Trade, for example, simply go to your account, click on your "Portfolios" and screen shot the page with today's date and your number of shares and email it to [email protected] with "Shareholder Benefits" in the subject line.  Also, please "cc" [email protected] Or simply call the number above.