One of the biggest opportunities as an early mover is that we get to introduce a new product category to the consumer backed by one of the biggest personal brands in the history of planet earth. 

Some people may have heard of functional mushrooms before, but we are still in a state of the development of the sector where a vast majority of the consumers don’t know what they are or do, much less a brand.

And more importantly a vast majority of those who do know what functional mushrooms are can’t name a brand. Maybe they can describe one: “Oh, I like that coffee replacement with the chocolate flavor…what’s it called?” Rest assured, just like you didn’t forget who introduced you to Rasta, raggae, Jamaica and to One Love, you won’t forget who introduced you to mushrooms in the midst of the psychedelic renaissance.   

Consequently, we are very excited about the educational component of our Marley One brand. So many of the populace who have heard of functional mushrooms still haven’t made their first purchase.  Consequently, this brand launch serves the purpose to get people open to mushrooms while it is also a gateway to destigmatizing psychedelic healing.  It destigmatizes and desensitizes them to the healthful nature of both.  This isn’t a brand to escape or ignore life.  This is a brand to improve yourself and focus on what you need to do to become a better version of yourself.

We want you to take your Marely One, because it will give you sharper mind. But more importantly for the development of this industry with Silo Wellness with the brand powerhouse and the first-mover advantage, we serve this other purpose of normalizing the conversation.  We get to move the psychedelics conversation away from the tie-dye stuff and the VW bus caricature towards educating people on how and why it works.  We can help heal so many people with psychedelics. Whether they are using Marley One or other products and services, it’s a win for the sector. If we do this and more people open their minds to personal healing, then it’s a win for our investors, the industry and for this unified world that Bob Marley envisioned.