Just because a healing molecule comes from the lab doesn’t mean it’s better than one that was formed in nature. Synthetic opiates like fentanyl were made in a lab, and they are terribly misused.  We need to divorce ourselves from the idea that things that come from the earth are not as good.  Oftentimes, the results of the evolutionary experiment are just as good as the result of a laboratory experiment. Just because it is respected and understood by the indigenous community doesn’t mean it has less value than something respected by the medical community.

We need to get to a place where things from the earth get their due respect. It’s really the same flow of energy: one manifested in nature randomly through evolution and one manifested deliberately by humans.  But humans are also part of nature and of the earth.

It’s also about having respect for these natural medicines and shepherding them to market responsibly.  We will sell Marley One microdosing products plus facilitated day trips and retreats.  Psychedelics must be rolled out responsibility.   You can’t say, “Congrats on turning 16; here’s a key to a Ferrari.”  Instead, you need some controlled steps on how to run this high-performance machine.   But your mind and consciousness are a high-performance machine, and you deserve to be trained up on how to use it to its maximum capacity.

Regardless, it’s time to responsibly live outside of the extremes and fear mongering.  It’s time to deal with facts and data. At Silo Wellness, we have actual real client data of how folks can grow from working with these natural psychedelic medicines from our retreats. It’s not just hypothetical for us. 

The narrative is now changing from “someone told me it was bad, so you have to convince me it’s good.” People are way better at questioning where the propaganda originated.  People are taking the education of psychedelics into their own hands, and Silo Wellness can be a part of that educational process through the trusted Marley Brand backed by a trusted and accountable publicly traded company.

People no longer must deprive themselves of the benefit of these transformational experiences and be shackled to irrational fears of the medicine while being shackled to their own fears and anxieties.  They can tackle their own personal fears and doubts and whatever else they are carrying around as a burden with “new” psychedelic tools. We process so much in our brains that is worthwhile, so why waste brain power and irrational fears and ego, such as what does this person thing about me?  We no longer need to be governed by the traumas that we had. They are now tools to grow.