The Marley One brand has been such a wonderful collaboration. What has become quickly apparent is that Bob Marley’s legacy lives on directly in and through those in whom he had the most direct influence, his family. First and foremost, it is such an honor to work with Bob Marley’s widow, Mrs. Marley, and their firstborn daughter Cedella, named after Bob Marley’s mother, who was such an inspiration to his character and body of work. 

From and R&D perspective they were both very curious about both the mechanics of the functional mushroom compounds and the formulations that were developed with them.  The family already had a long and robust history incorporating functional mushrooms into their personal health regime, especially Mr. and Mrs. Marley in their youth. 

Since launch, the wholesale, distribution, retailer, and consumer markets have been very receptive to this wonderful opportunity for public heath through the Bob Marely estate. We are leveraging one of the largest personal brands of the history of planet earth with the goal of public health. This is an honor and duty we have taken very seriously and hope that the results speak for themselves.  

When building the Marely One mushroom brand, we looked at all things that are the Bob Marley legacy: the man, his body of work and his philosophies of love and unity. Our goal was to amplify and leverage his mission, and a lot of work and expense went into that.  We worked with an exceptional brand development team out London who listened to our goals and messaging and manifested that into Marley One.   

There are basically three types of mushrooms: culinary, functional, and psychedelic.  In the functional mushroom category, all have different health benefits and a fast-growing rate of adoption by consumers as more and more people turn more to natural medicines for their healing. We are excited to be a part of that transformation of humanity back to its ancient roots parallel wo what is happening the pharmaceutical world. It is an exciting time for mankind.