To heal ourselves we have got to put in the work.  There is no magic pill.  Sure, we can treat the symptoms, but we need to treat and heal the causes of our pain and suffering.  The Silo Wellness mission is to help people right now: psychedelic healing today; not maybe tomorrow if this novel molecule might someday work and be approved by a government.  We have the opportunity to change lives today by providing legal access to psychedelic medicine in a legal English-speaking country.

The psychedelic space is very exciting. It’s a hot dynamic space with lots of capital but there is one thing missing from most of their stories: helping people right now.  Why wait for the healing when we have a country where it’s legal right here in Jamaica???  These are parallel tracks.  It’s great that so many psychedelic pharma companies are fighting that arms race to get approval and potentially get to revenue and get a return on all of those capital investments. 

Whichever companies win, will also be a big win for the next generation who is suffering.  But what about those suffering right now? 

The Silo Wellness team finds it so exciting to build a real business and focus on getting people to come and have those transformative psychedelic experiences while at the same time destigmatizing mushrooms and psychedelics with the Bob Marley brand. There is so much change that that we can catalyze with the assets and tools that our company has.

The pharmaceutical industry has fallen short in healing.  They have been treating chemical imbalances and treating the symptoms rather than helping people to do the hard work of healing themselves.  Modern pharmaceutical solutions aren’t a long-term solution. For 30% of those people treated with antidepressants, it doesn’t work.  And for those whom it does work, it often changes them.  They feel like they are walking around not themselves – almost zombie-like.  And that’s when it’s considered working. They are part of the 70%.  Many of them would rather live with the original symptoms then be changed so much from the pharmaceutical chemicals. 

People just need the opportunity to put in the work and treat the root causes rather than numbing the symptoms.  Psychedelics can help them do that.