Before launching Marley One, now the world’s most recognized global mushroom brand, Silo Wellness CEO Douglas K. Gordon discusses the lessons learned from cannabis brand-building. 

One of the goals in cannabis brands in the early days of that then-emerging industry was to destigmatize while educating.  It was important to educate on how CBD worked and why it was safe, and how it wasn’t going to get you high like THC.

What was found in hindsight was that even though you had companies with beautiful branding, product architectures, and stories it was often too much for the consumer.  For decades consumers heard that cannabis was bad and now they are being told that it’s not just “not bad” but it is actually good for you.  However, at the same time were hearing all these different confusing names: cannabis, ganja, marijuana, indica, sativa etc.  And with all that data being dumped on them consumers were now expected to walk into a strange new store and trust a brand that they had never heard of before.  It was a lot to ask.

Here we are today with a similar problem with the lessons learned from the cannabis/CBD brand launches.  Today, we are talking about mushrooms with some of the similar problems.  Functional mushrooms are to CBD as psychedelics are to THC with the same sort of black market-related stigma.  Silo Wellness wanted to solve the problem of finding a way to bring the product to the consumer and focus on the awareness/education component at the same time.

To do this, we went in search for a brand that could automatically give trust to the consumer to make it easier for the consumer.  They can now focus on educating on what is in the package rather than worrying about whether to trust want the person or brand is saying. It’s in essence being vouched for by a globally recognized brand.  The risk factor is now lower for the consumer to enter the market and all they have to risk is a small-dollar purchase of a non-psychoactive legal compound. What the Bob Marley brand brings to the table is trust, authenticity, relevance to Jamaica, an emphasis on natural remedies, and most importantly an association with the most important of all virtues: Love – the purpose of the betterment of others and ourselves.

The Bob Marley brand has all these wonderful attributes that are a natural and essential part of this brand. We didn’t have to build that.  It came turnkey ready along with major influencers.  Now we have the ability to go to consumer who is already trusting of the brand and say, “Now we have a psychedelic version, and you now have this opportunity to access more of the mushrooms and heal more of yourself of.”  And the trust is already there. 

This doesn’t just help Silo but helps the whole industry by causing consumers to ask, “Marley?  Why?”  Now we can further destigmatize both mushrooms and psychedelics.