Phellinus Linteus, also known as Mesima or “Women’s Island”, is found growing on the side of Mulberry trees in the shape of a hoof. It has traditionally been used for its potential ability to manage heavy bleeding, inflammation, infection, and body weight management.

Currently, this mushroom is often used for the following:

  • Immunomodulation – simply put, this mushroom contains protein-polysaccharide complexes that may help regulate the immune system up/down based on external stimuli. [1]
  • Beta-D-glucans – they connect with our immune cells to ensure the proper response to infection or other “foreign invaders”.
  • Antioxidants – this mushroom contains hispidin, a potent antioxidant that may help to prevent and repair cell damage and minimize risk of disease.
  • More recently Mesima has been shown to have applications for female health concerns including menorrhagia (heavy bleeding during menstruation).

Although continued research is needed, Mesima has shown the potential to offer remarkable health benefits! It is available as part of Silo Reboot’s Complete -14 mushroom tincture.