"Functional mushrooms were a $46 billion industry in 2020, and that number is growing annually."
08.19.2021 - The agreement encompasses sales and distribution for Silo’s Marley One branded mushroom products across 47 U.S. states. These are non-psychedelic functional mushroom products under the Bob Marley brand.
09.04.2021 - "...was the right step to collaborate with Silo to help educate consumers on the benefits of mushrooms and hope that it will empower people to experience the oneness with nature and the universe at large..."
"think of functional mushrooms as the CBD to psilocybin’s THC: a kissing cousin, with (alleged) medical and therapeutic benefits, useful largely as a way of destigmatizing the use of a more potent compound"
Alisa Bigham was looking for a new beginning. She’d recently left her marriage of 47 years and was trying to understand who she was outside of that union. “I kept having...
"Now Britons will soon be able to buy the functional shroom offerings...LocoSoco said the deal 'cements a solid route to market for Marley One products that can keep pace with consumer demand across the region.'"
"Today, Jamaica is the only place in the English-speaking Western hemisphere where you can purchase and consume magic mushrooms without fear of arrest or prosecution… We envision a not-so-distant future when smart shops will be as commonplace as cannabis dispensaries around the world..."
"...the first legal psychedelic retreat to take place in the United States...[Silo] would like to see the [Oregon] become a psychedelic retreat destination [with] psilocybin’s potential to expand both markets and minds.
"“When used properly, 5-MeO-DMT can be one of the most powerful tools known to man, allowing participants a brief yet intense mystical experience... The partnership marks the first time a publicly traded company has offered a 5-MeO-DMT wellness retreat and the first experience of its kind to be held in Jamaica."
The colorful narrative begins with an emotional play-by-play account of a ketamine deep-dive trip report by a brave participant with PTSD from sexual assault and depression: “[She] sees the blue pool, shimmering like a winter oasis. It sparkles below a snowy trail and rocky gray cliffs, the iridescent turquoise water rippling under the rushing downpour of Tamolitch Falls…[Her] otherworldly trip didn’t happen in the flesh. It took place in her mind, after she’d taken ketamine…”