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LOI to acquire Dyscovry Science (biosynthetic manufacturing of psilocybin and its derivatives); "Unlike most of its peers in the psychedelics space, Dyscovry is targeting a physiological condition: irritable bowel syndrome..."
"This new capital will allow us to strengthen our balance sheet and focus on shareholder value creation through the expansion of our business model." The subscriber is committed to funding the company up to CA$5,950,000...
“People carry so much pain: sorrow, trauma, hatred, and petty gripes. To feel it all lifted, if only for an instant, is profound — because that means it can be lifted. Healing becomes, at the very least, conceivable.”
The colorful narrative begins with an emotional play-by-play account of a ketamine deep-dive trip report by a brave participant with PTSD from sexual assault and depression: “[She] sees the blue pool, shimmering like a ..."
Alisa Bigham was looking for a new beginning. She’d recently left her marriage of 47 years and was trying to understand who she was outside of that union. “I kept having...
"...the first legal psychedelic retreat to take place in the United States...[Silo] would like to see the [Oregon] become a psychedelic retreat destination [with] psilocybin’s potential to expand both markets and minds.
"“When used properly, 5-MeO-DMT can be one of the most powerful tools known to man, allowing participants a brief yet intense mystical experience... The partnership marks the first time a publicly traded company has offered a 5-MeO-DMT wellness retreat and the first experience of its kind to be held in Jamaica."