Plants and mushrooms have properties that can make them effective immunomodulatory agents. Through a selection of functional mushrooms and other ethnomedicinal plants you might be able to boost your immune system and help regulate and optimize your body functions. What are some of the mushroom and plant combinations that can help?

Lions Mane plus Ashwagandha: 

Lions Mane – aka “The Student Mushroom,” is speculated to work with the central nervous system and support healthy brain functions, like memory and focus 

Ashwagandha – Has been sought out for its potential ability to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Chaga plus Gully Root: 

Chaga – Has been utilized for improved gut health as it has been shown to stimulate bile production thereby improving fat digestion as well as reducing inflammation in the digestive tract.

Gully Root – studies have indicated a variety of potential benefits including stimulating proper digestion and reduced bloating.

Turkey Tail plus Graviola: 

Turkey Tail – the popular belief is that these mushrooms may aid in regulating immune systems and maintaining proper prostate, hormones, liver, and kidney health.  Research tends to suggest the need for human studies or clinical trials regarding the benefits to immune modulation, digestive system, circulation, lymph system, immune system, liver function and cellular system, including stimulating cells to combat intercellular viral infections.*   

Graviola – primary acetogens called graviola annonacin have been shown to reduce and/or destroy cancer cells in the ovaries, bladder, cervix, breast, and the skin.

Silo Wellness has three multi-species functional mushroom tincture blends available that highlight the advantage of being compatible. Our Brain, Complete -14, and Immunity tinctures can be applied to a variety of individual goals. 

*Speak to your physician before using ethnomedicinal plants to treat any medical conditions.

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