Your journey. Our commitment.

"At Silo Wellness we endeavor to provide you with a safe and beautiful environment where guests may connect nature’s most beautiful creation, human consciousness, back to itself through a psychedelic retreat in a beautiful and wild natural setting...We at Silo Wellness are truly blessed that you would consider allowing us the honor to walk along with you on this journey. "

Dear retreat guests,

I founded Silo Wellness in Oregon back in 2018 because I learned firsthand that mushrooms can work if you do. They taught me that I had a choice of what I have to think about. That I was no longer at the mercy of nonstop negative thoughts and anxieties.

They taught me for the first time what it means to live inside a quiet mind devoid of constant chattering anxieties. That at times if I work hard at it, my mind can be filled with peace and joy. That I have control of my present disposition. That the only thing I get to control is me: my thoughts, my words, my actions. Nothing else. I only control my reaction to things.

Mushrooms gave me a taste of a disciplined mind. They also taught me that a disciplined mind of peace and joy is attainable if we just put in the very hard work of reprogramming ourselves while realizing that nothing worth doing is easy.

Psilocybin mushrooms changed my life. The first thing I thought of after my first dose in 2018, was, 'How do we get these into the hands of as many people in need as quickly and inexpensively as possible.' We can't let this natural 'plant' medicine get locked up behind the pharmacy window. We have to get this natural medicine out to the people right now. Not after some clinical trial kinda maybe sorta one day in the far out distant uncertain future after billions of dollars and with the blessing of the FDA. Not 'psychedelic healing one day' but 'psychedelic healing right now.’

And just like that Silo Wellness was born and this has been our mission ever since: To safely provide you the tools you may need to heal yourself.

We want to meet clients right where they are in a respectful way that honors their backgrounds and tradition. These are called "magic mushrooms" but you they aren't some sort of magical cure. We aren't selling miracles. Your existence -- your life -- is the miracle.

We aren’t selling anyone any sort of ideology or the secrets of the universe except for one: That love is a choice. We can choose hope and love or choose fear and dispair. We have a choice in every single moment of every single day to either choose to be thinking in fear -- fearing the past or being anxious about the future -- all while we are forgetting the moment -- the right now.

Instead, we can choose to live in this present moment, in this most beautiful never-ending 'now.' We can be connected to nature: to one another, to ourselves, to the outdoors all in unity with all things and everyone with one single purpose of love. This 'plant' medicine is unity medicine. It helps us learn to unite to our true selves, to unite with each other and to come back to nature.

We can possibly learn a new way of thinking through a plant medicine retreat in a setting of natural beauty where you just might learn to choose not to live in fear but to live in love. Choosing to love and forgive ourselves and each other. Loving our neighbor. Loving each other in every choice that we make in every moment of every day. We choose our thoughts and what we have to think about when we want to think about them. We can be in control of our own minds. We can choose thoughts of love and joy. We can choose thoughts of hope and not despair. We can choose to love our present situation, our existence, the essence of existence, and our place in the universe.

At Silo Wellness we endeavor to provide you with a safe and beautiful environment where guests may connect nature’s most beautiful creation, human consciousness, back to itself through a psychedelic retreat in a beautiful and wild natural setting. And, we can all be grateful for the opportunity to be living in an era where this natural medicine is legally available to us right now in a time of great need and great opportunity for our civilization. We at Silo Wellness are truly blessed that you would consider allowing us the honor to walk along with you on this journey. Rest assured we take this honor and responsibility very seriously.

We hope that at our retreat you have an opportunity to see things in a new and more positive light. That you find what you are looking for and get the answers that you deserve. That is our dream and the purpose of Silo Wellness's existence: to provide others the opportunity to heal themselves.

Guest Testimonials

Data. Data. Data.

The psychedelic renaissance isn’t happening because of publicly-traded companies like us or psychedelic pharmaceutical companies and their huge capital raises.  It’s happening because of storytelling by individuals sharing the human experience.  It’s happening because the data set is enormous historically and that ancient wisdom has been siloed across time, generations and vast physical distances to be unlocked today and shared with one another by word of mouth at a viral rate unheard of to ancient man. 

Are psychedelics for everyone? No.  Is it a natural right of human beings to explore their own consciousness internally? We think so.  However, before making your decision, do your research whether to retreat at all and where to retreat to.  A retreat is not a surrender to outside stressors.  It’s only a surrender to our own purpose and intention — a place to regroup and strengthen before going back out into the vast world outside of ourselves.  

Our goal is to create a safe container for you to comfortably explore your own mind with the least amount of negativity that could distract you from your own purpose and intention. Set (“mind set”) and setting (your surroundings) are paramount.  Part of your mind set is in the preparation for your retreat, and an essential part of preparation is in choosing that golden bridge to retreat upon. In the midst of personal battles, you need to know the structural integrity of that bridge before you embark on this journey.   Below you can read or listen to firsthand accounts by journalists and retreat guests to assist you in your due diligence before you set up a call to speak to someone on our team.  

Jamaica Psilocybin

Video testimonial

Nicholas: Basically I see the rhythm of the world. The way the trees move. The way it interacts with the ocean, the animals. Chelsey: I could just touch him and he could feel everything I felt and same vice versa.

Being guided home

First experience with psilocybin

The leadership and involvement of the local Rastafarian community made these experiences all the more special. It felt as if we were being grafted into an ancient knowing, gently being guided home to ourselves and Mother Earth. These experiences and interactions have set me on a new trajectory in life. I know my place in this universe, and I owe it to every single person who made it happen.

Interconnectedness, otherworldy

"I am the forest."

She tells me later that these moments feel like “an interconnectedness … knowing that you’re a part of something bigger than yourself, something very beautiful and old.” “It wasn’t like I was a spectator,” she says. “Or like I was in the forest looking at all this stuff. It was like, I am the forest.” Her otherwordly trip didn’t happen in the flesh. It took place in her mind, after she’d taken ketamine...