What is a bad trip?  It’s all about prescreening, preparation/mind set, the setting/environment, the dosage, and the integration.

Simply put, a bad trip is taking a dose of psychedelics that is not pleasant – an experience that didn’t meet your expectations.  Maybe it was painful or scary.  Maybe it brought you back to past unresolved trauma. Perhaps it made you have existential fear about your place in the universe.  Typically, this ocurrs with a larger dose but can occur at smaller doses as well. 

What is important to keep in mind is that it’s not something that inherently hurts you.  Looking inward and observing your own mind, your own consciousness, and your own memories is not inherently dangerous.  You are always you.  It is always there. 

The best way to prevent a “bad trip” or make an unpleasant experience into a transformative experience is to have a trusted psychedelics retreat team.  Your experience is always going to be impacted by your environment/setting as well as your state of mind (mindset).

That’s why we provide psychedelics experiences in a retreat setting in nature. This is why we work with clients before they arrive, so they get the mindset right. We help them understand that this isn’t something to be afraid of even if it is going to be something unexplainable.  It’s the fear that drives most people to have a “bad trip.” What you don’t know is scary and they are anxious. They may be concerned that they are doing it alone or in a group that doesn’t have any guidance, or they may have fear that their facilitator may not be trusted. 

When someone comes on our retreats at Silo Wellness, they go through a rigorous screening to see if they are using drugs that could have a contraindication. We look to see if they have indications of psychosis where it wouldn’t be appropriate for them.  We screen them and brief them before they come. In this screening process, we try to find out what they are looking for. What is their intention?  This might change through the process but it is a good place to start.