While we are not presently holding retreats in Oregon,
we are working hard on this project.

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The Silo Wellness Experience

Unity Medicine: Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit. Uniting Us to Nature via the mushrooms and the setting’s natural beauty.

"At Silo Wellness we endeavor to provide you with a safe and beautiful environment where guests may connect nature’s most beautiful creation, human consciousness, back to itself through a psychedelic retreat in a beautiful and wild natural setting...We at Silo Wellness are truly blessed that you would consider allowing us the honor to walk along with you on this journey. "

Our philosophy

What are you seeking?

Are you prepared to learn to release control of your journey to your higher self?  

You may not control the destination, but you control the steps on the journey.  Why not choose an intention or destination that you can be proud to share with others? Something that resonates within you.  Something selfless and greater than yourself.  Then, go look for it.  You might not find what you thought you were looking for, but you will find something of value. You may just find yourself…  [Read more about our retreat philosophy.]