One unique differentiator of Silo Wellness is that we are delivering psychedelic healing AND revenue today.  The Silo Wellness and Bob Marley mushroom story was told all around the world from Russia to Germany to the Caribbean to the U.S.  As a direct result, our inbound B2B leads were numerous.  Consequently, we are working on distribution deals in multiple countries that we hope will give us access to multiple markets, two of which we have press released.

These expected immediate revenue streams are all because of our early investors believing in the “revenue now” story.  We have line of sight on multiple markets through the brand we built, Marley One, and the Bob Marley brand philosophy that we amplified.

A lot of companies are in the highly competitive and difficult clinical trials route. That’s taking the western medicine pathway 100%, and that’s fine; we respect that and find it necessary due to the United States’ insurance reimbursement rules and due to the risks associated with all the novel molecules that don’t have centuries of data like natural psychedelics do. However, the problem with that clinical model at the expense of natural psychedelics today is that there are people suffering TODAY.  Plans for future possible FDA-approved pharmaceutical products don’t offer healing to people right now or any revenue for that matter – just cash burn and hopes and dreams to promote to the retail investors as early investors slowly exit.  To achieve a marketable drug, those brave new investors will need a lot of luck and many years to be commercialized. They will also need to know the right time to pull out their money and diversify into a different vision of the future.

In the meantime, knowing that we have natural compounds that can be safely administered now, we find it repugnant to just defer the healing.  That doesn’t sit so well for us.  A large part of what we are doing is helping people today, and we will use that as a foothold into the industry and grow from there amplified by our Marley One brand and revenue growth potential.

The pharmaceutical and Silo Wellness paths are parallel and intrinsically both are good. With the pharma route there will be a lot of patients who win but only a limited number of the many startups that will also win.  It’s an arms race that sets capital on fire.  This is a real cautionary tale to the retail investor.  However, the Silo Wellness vision is more future proof: healing and revenue now. This is a great hedge against the pharma arms race with the added bonus of changing lives right now.