We all have trauma and how we deal with it affects our everyday choices.  As we get older and don’t deal with unresolved trauma, we build more and more coping mechanisms to stay further and further away from the trauma. For instance, someone makes a joke and it triggers us. So we stay away from that person or it might make us sad and affect us the rest our day.  It might cause us to be negative to others affecting the rest of our day.  It may send us into depression or anger.

Anytime we are going into a direction where we might have to deal with the trauma, we swerve away. It means we are using less than the full capacity of our minds. Because there is a part that we are so sensitive about that we just avoid the instant it is triggered.  We wire our neuropathways in a way that we react to the trauma defensively. It in effect governs our choices and thus limits us.  It shackles us.

Psychedelics allow us to reinterpret the trauma so we can face it and understand it. We can digest it, and we therefore we get to use more of our mental capacity.  We get to choose what to think about rather than our subconscious telling us what to think about. The fear and discomfort that it held for us is no longer of the same degree so we don’t have to be arbitrarily swerving the car to avoid that because we can deal with it better.

We talk about how it helps people outside of clinical mental illnesses. Just because you don’t have a mental diagnosis doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do on yourself.  We are all works in progress.  We always have work to better ourselves to become more purposeful and less a slave to our trauma and programming.  There are a lot of high performing people where psychedelics are more of a boom, because they get to use more of their mind and be a better version of themselves.  The work they put in with the medicine allows them to be more in touch with more of themselves rather than avoiding what they don’t like.  Someone is not broken and needs to be fixed. All of us have broken or improperly used pieces of ourselves that we can better manage, so that we can be more of who we should be.

Silo’s retreats are led by people who know how the medicine works. They begin a relationship with you before you arrive. They listen to where you are in your life and meet you there.  They work with you to see what is holding you back. You have a comfortable guide or facilitator to help you understand the process and how it becomes transformative. Sitting in the city with the sirens and city noise might not be the best place to take a hero dose for the first time.  That setting might not be the best for you. This is why we allow you to reset in the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea at the island of Jamaica.