Collective wisdom

Data. Data. Data.

The psychedelic renaissance isn’t happening because of publicly-traded companies like us or psychedelic pharmaceutical companies and their huge capital raises.  It’s happening because of storytelling by individuals sharing the human experience.  It’s happening because the data set is enormous historically and that ancient wisdom has been siloed across time, generations and vast physical distances to be unlocked today and shared with one another by word of mouth at a viral rate unheard of to ancient man. 

Are psychedelics for everyone? No.  Is it a natural right of human beings to explore their own consciousness internally? We think so.  However, before making your decision, do your research whether to retreat at all and where to retreat to.  A retreat is not a surrender to outside stressors.  It’s only a surrender to our own purpose and intention — a place to regroup and strengthen before going back out into the vast world outside of ourselves.  

Our goal is to create a safe container for you to comfortably explore your own mind with the least amount of negativity that could distract you from your own purpose and intention. Set (“mind set”) and setting (your surroundings) are paramount.  Part of your mind set is in the preparation for your retreat, and an essential part of preparation is in choosing that golden bridge to retreat upon. In the midst of personal battles, you need to know the structural integrity of that bridge before you embark on this journey.   Below you can read or listen to firsthand accounts by journalists and retreat guests to assist you in your due diligence before you set up a call to speak to someone on our team.  

Interconnectedness, otherworldy

"I am the forest."

She tells me later that these moments feel like “an interconnectedness … knowing that you’re a part of something bigger than yourself, something very beautiful and old.” “It wasn’t like I was a spectator,” she says. “Or like I was in the forest looking at all this stuff. It was like, I am the forest.” Her otherwordly trip didn’t happen in the flesh. It took place in her mind, after she’d taken ketamine...

Intrinsic dignity, profound

Healing becomes conceivable

If I had any big takeaway, this was it… That’s what these drugs can produce: a feeling of intrinsic dignity and wholeness that the material world, in all its cruelty, works so hard to take away. People carry so much pain: sorrow, trauma, hatred, and petty gripes. To feel it all lifted, if only for an instant, is profound — because that means it can be lifted. Healing becomes, at the very least, conceivable.

Jamaica Psilocybin

Video testimonial

Nicholas: Basically I see the rhythm of the world. The way the trees move. The way it interacts with the ocean, the animals. Chelsey: I could just touch him and he could feel everything I felt and same vice versa.

Indescribable, mystical

Came to feel like I have a purpose

It’s indescribable. That peak experience … was so mystical, and so unknown, that I was confused that evening, for sure...It seemed to cut straight to the point of what I was trying to get at, which was this absolutely mystical experience.

Being guided home

First experience with psilocybin

The leadership and involvement of the local Rastafarian community made these experiences all the more special. It felt as if we were being grafted into an ancient knowing, gently being guided home to ourselves and Mother Earth. These experiences and interactions have set me on a new trajectory in life. I know my place in this universe, and I owe it to every single person who made it happen.

A transforming experience

I chose Silo Women's Retreat due to wanting a transforming experience in my ability to find, know, and trust my true self. I felt stuck in my journey. I could feel less and less in the way of connecting to life giving energy as each day passed. This retreat, with the wonderful women that both participated and were part of executing, gave me what I was looking for. I took a big step that felt scary and took courage into a space that I had never been. With the support and energy that was breathed into all of the activities I came home feeling like a different person. I feel the expansive energy running through my body and I am ready to journey on to whatever my path may bring.

Jumpstart on my healing journey

Traveling from Colorado to Oregon for the first time alone I was nervous not knowing what to expect. Getting to talking with the staff and my group before traveling helped so when I got to the lodge I felt safe. The location of where we stayed and the scenery was absolutely beautiful pictures can't do justice. Overall, my one week at silo with the group sessions, hikes, ceremonies, & people surrounding me was a jumpstart on my healing journey I have been looking for years. Would love to go back someday!

Professionalism and skill

My experience at this retreat was just what I was looking for. The professionalism & skill beginning with the screening process, Pre-integration (& post integration), Group & individual sessions. The setting was magnificent! The way the beauty of the outdoors as well as activities you choose to participate in, assistance always given if needed, can create such a feeling of comfort, in gorgeous lodgings and fantastic meals & healthy snacks available was fantastic. And most important of all, the way the administration of the ketamine was given, accompanied by such close monitoring & assistance as needed was exemplary. I have no negatives to say about my experience.

It couldn’t have been more peaceful

It was the complete opposite of a wild party. You were around nature and it couldn’t have been more peaceful. Anyone who has any fear or apprehension around psilocybin just needs to do more research.

Opened my mind

“It helped me open my mind and see. See the things that I've done..."

Life changing

I had PTSD, depression, anxiety, the whole gamut. Alcohol has been a part of military life and once I got out it become more and more important to me, to the point where it was harming my family,” Parnell tells Oregon Business.

Trust that instinct

I wanted to heal. I knew my vibration, my body was out of tune. You could feel it. You could sense it. Coming here I began to trust that instinct.

Connect to all

Ceremonies are the time when you are removed from your humanness and connect to all elements of life.
First Man
Rastafari Elder, Retreat Leader

Connecting with nature

At Silo's psilocybin retreat you'll find a nice combination between a shamanistic ceremony with mushrooms led by a true Jamaican Rastafarian, and a relaxing seaside retreat. The retreat combines a few mushroom ceremonies with some wellness activities and great Jamaican food at a seaside Caribbean resort. The retreat, however, touches more on the shamanic side (connecting with nature via the mushroom's wisdom) and not so much on the clinical/psychiatric side of psychedelic therapy. It's a good option for people looking to embark on a shamanistic experience, who also want to be sure to do it in a safe and controlled environment, since these types of experiences can sometimes be done irresponsibly.

Some inner peace

I was struggling with drug resistant depression. I was in an abyss for over 5 months. I was put out of my comfort zone but with the bravery of the the other participants to motivate and inspire me, the phenomenal nature setting in a beautiful part of Oregon, the adept and comforting staff and the day trips that were cleverly planned to metaphorically represent our actualizations, I managed to come out of it feeling the most confident, courageous and optimistic I have been for a long time. I still have work to do but I feel like the retreat fast tracked my recovery by years. I recommend this for anyone struggling with mental health issues, or if you just need to get to know yourself better in a way that you'll feel good about. You will come out of it with new friends, some inner peace and some great memories.

A review by the spouse of a Ketamine retreat guest

What does the return home look like?

When my wife first communicated her desire to attend the Silo retreat, I was apprehensive. My first concern was that she might have, yet again, a terrible disappointment if she did not have a good outcome. She has had many false starts in her past, trying hard for some form of transformation but with no lasting effectual change. I knew the desperation she was experiencing and encouraged her to go with an open mind and to give herself over to the facilitators and the process. At the risk of sounding cliché, I feel like the woman who came back from the retreat is a different person. There is a new confidence about her. She shows genuine interest in many things that she never had much time for in the past. She is reading voraciously and actually finishing the books she starts. She is not rocked by unexpected happenstances but instead meets them with patience and presence. She cares more about… everything! She engages in our relationship on a deeper level and with others as well. She has a clarity about her that I’ve never seen before and insight as well. She is more assertive and less passive. She is using and trusting her own inner voice and intuition. She continues to evolve and grow each day. This week, while getting dressed for work, she turned to me and said “I’m feeling pretty happy with myself.” It brought tears to my eyes because it feels like she is beginning to recognize the wonderful person that she is…something I feared might never happen. Most importantly, she is peaceful and happy.
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