Cassanie McKenzie

Cassanie McKenzie is a trained private and group yoga instructor, her classes are an exploration of alignment-based, breath-centered, mindful movement through Functional Vinyasa Flows & Slow Release Therapeutic yoga sessions.

Cassanie develops holistic programs including yoga, breathing and meditation, tarot as well as juicing and detox plans. These programs are geared towards awakening the inner healer on a Mental, Physical and Spiritual level. She describes her life’s work as simply leaving the planet a little better than when she came into it.

Events with Cassanie McKenzie

Renew, Restore & Revitalize - 5 day Women’s Psilocybin-Assisted Jamaican Retreat
July 14, 2021

  This 5 day / 4 night psilocybin–assisted retreat will help you tap into your divine feminine energy and bring forth your best self. Let our well-trained, indigenous retreat leaders guide you on the journey to connect with your inner self to redefine your femininity and let it set your intentions and purpose for a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Surround yourself with the healing energy of women who can help to direct you on the path of love and light. Join us on the beautiful island of Jamaica to relax with holistic therapies, restorative yoga and mindful meditation sessions, alongside psilocybin–facilitated ceremonies* and spiritual rituals to renew and revitalize yourself from the inside out. Experience outdoor…