Edward 'Firstman' Wray

‘Firstman’ is the founder of the Rastafari Indigenous Village (RIV). He is a Rastafari; Co-conceptualizer; Director of Operations; General Manager; Tour Director, and persons responsible for Construction physical construction of the facility.

‘Firstman’ represents the RIV and also sits on a number of committees on the topics of Rastafari, Wellness, Intellectual Property and legalization of Marijuana in Jamaica. He is also a member of other Indigenous communities and of the ‘Slow Food’ movement

Events with Edward 'Firstman' Wray

Jamaica Haven 6 day Psychedelic Retreat
July 9, 2021

This 6 day / 5 night Psilocybin retreat on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Our retreats are designed to accommodate the needs of all our guests as they participate in this transformative healing experience. This wellness retreat is designed to inspire creativity and introspection.  No medical treatment or psychotherapy is available at the retreat.  There will be multiple psilocybin–assisted sessions ($30USD cash to be paid to retreat leader for mushrooms) with our well-trained, indigenous staff, daily yoga, guided meditation as well as personal sessions with our retreat leaders along with group discussions and contemplative reflection in this serene and beautiful environment. There will also be group excursions to nearby attractions to explore for local treasures.  Includes:  6 day / 5 night Accommodation Pre-Retreat…

Couples Connection - 5 Day Psilocybin Enhanced Jamaican Retreat 
July 27, 2021

Travel to the idyllic island of Jamaica with your loved one for this 5 day / 4 night retreat to gain a deeper appreciation and more fulfilling connection with one another. Expand on your solid foundation to build something stronger and take your relationship to the next level.  Learn the importance of interpersonal of communication, active listening, and interconnectedness as a couple in order to appreciate each other and grow together. Learn from our well-trained, indigenous retreat leaders and experience the sacred psilocybin-facilitated ceremonies* as well as engage in private couples’ sessions with Rastafarian Indigenous Leader to gain the tools you need to express your feelings and build an even more beautiful, long-lasting union.  Includes:  5 day / 4 night Accommodation Daily Yoga for Couples Sessions Daily Meditation…

Body & Mind Recharge - 6 Day Jamaican Psilocybin Enhanced Fitness Retreat 
August 13, 2021

Build strength and resilience in your body and with your mind on this 6 day / 5 night retreat.  With a unique program that combines intense workout regimes and transformational psilocybin–facilitated ceremonies*, you will be able to explore and challenge the limitations of both body and mind. Connect with yourself in the midst of nature through cross-training on the rugged, yet verdant Jamaican terrain, immediately followed by a soothing dip in the calming, lapping waves of the Caribbean Sea.  Includes:  5 day / 4 night Accommodation Daily Meditation Sessions Daily Yoga Classes Training Sessions Meal Planning Workshop Psilocybin-Facilitated Ceremonies* Indigenous Day Spa Experience Immersive Nature Experiences Three Daily Healthy and Nutritious Meals Post-Retreat Follow Up Sessions R/T Airport Transfer (MBJ) * ($30USD cash to be paid to retreat leader for mushrooms) No medical treatment or…