Tal Sharabi

Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon and Colorado
● Licensed Addiction Counselor in Colorado
● Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training module 1,2,3 at Polaris Insight Center
● Implemented excellent leadership and program development skills
● Six years experience with addictions, anxiety, depression, grief, and complex trauma
● Mindfulness and meditation practice for more than 20 years

Events with Tal Sharabi

Oregon Nature Immersion Reset - 6 Day Ketamine-Assisted Retreat 
July 18, 2021

Explore both nature and your mind here at Silo Wellness’ first-of-its-kind, ketamine-assisted nature retreat, which is designed to encourage participants to embrace the environment in all of its majestic beauty.  From thick Douglas-fir forests and crystalline pure waterfalls, come discover the most beautiful products of nature: the mind and self.  This 6 day / 5 night retreat is designed for those ready to put in the work on themselves. Commune with Oregon’s beauty, revel in the serene surroundings and find peace within while experiencing nature’s peace without.   Partake in waterfall meditations, exhilarating whitewater rafting and swimming in the clear, blue pools just footsteps from some of the best hiking trails.  The retreat takes place at the Cooper’s Spur Mountain Resort located on the north side of Mt. Hood on 775 acres of forest land adjacent to…