Green Market Report: "Silo Wellness Looks to Open Ranch Retreat as Oregonians Vote on Psilocybin Again"

County voters will decide in November whether to ban psilocybin services.

October 21, 2022 –

Silo Wellness Inc. (CSE: SILO) (OTCQB: SILFF) inked a binding deal with New Frontier Ranch in Jackson County, Oregon, to set up a new psychedelic resort.

The ranch is a 960-acre property in the Green Springs area, east of Ashland, with swaths of space between existing log cabins and campsites.

“Under Oregon’s tough rural land-use laws, this property is truly a gem that could allow for scaling for psychedelic retreats rather quickly at a lower price point,” said Mike Arnold, Silo Wellness founder and CEO. “Absent full legality and total removal of the dead hand of the government – which is still necessarily present in this emerging market – scaling is the only way to make this industry affordable while ensuring client safety.”

The CEO said that the property has an “abundance of water rights in this drought-stricken portion of our beautiful state” and has court-approved camping spots “with room to expand” due to a grandfathered special court decree.

The deal, however, depends on how county residents vote in the upcoming Nov. 8 election.

More than half of voters across Oregon passed Measure 109 in 2020, which allowed limited use of psilocybin. The measure automatically opted in local governments … [READ MORE]