We at Silo Wellness have witnessed firsthand the power of psychedelic medicine at our retreats.  We respect the enormity of being able to help people become a better a version of themselves while trying something new and scary. We have seen the life changing impact they can have by journeying into the depths of their own human consciousness. We aren’t just playing around in a lab with the hope of maybe having a marketable product one day that the government might give us permission to do. Silo Wellness is all about PSYCHEDELIC HEALING TODAY. 

We now have the opportunity, duty, and responsibility to bring these medicines to people in need in a reasonable and affordable way with the purpose of changing lives positively.  What a corporate mission that is!  That is the key driver for us at Silo Wellness, and it underpins all we do running the business.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! On top of that we get to participate in an entirely new industry and help define it. As an enterprise we can take the lessons of cannabis and do better. We get to focus on how to respect the pioneers of this industry who have been involved for decades while also having reciprocity for the ancient knowledge of the ingenious peoples.  We can do that by allowing these leaders and experts to leverage our platform and incorporate their knowledge into our business so that it passes on to the next generations

We also have the opportunity go out and find other exciting businesses in the space that we want to be involved with and find more people that we can assist. We can learn how to improve upon existing products or systems with psychedelics incorporated to help them have a bigger impact and grow a successful enterprise. At the end of the day: we want to grow a successful business and bring our stakeholders and investors along for the journey while being prudent and authentic about what we do.