CEO Douglas K Gordon: The Silo Wellness Vision

VIDEO: CEO Douglas K. Gordon on his background and why he joined Silo.
Corporate Purpose: Changing lives while building value
Building a global psychedelics company

Portfolio Breakout: The Bob Marley Brand

Learning from cannabis brand-building mistakes. Functional mushrooms are to CBD as psychedelics are to THC.
One of the biggest opportunities as an early mover is that we get to introduce a new product category to the consumer backed by one of the biggest personal brands in the history of planet earth.
Developing Bob Marley Mushroom Brand with the family
What in the world does Bob Marley have to do with mushrooms? Ganja definitely. Music sure. But isn’t this a little opportunistic?
Psychedelic revenue now: monetizing the Marley One opportunity

Portfolio Breakout: Psychedelic Retreats

.Helping people heal themselves with psychedelics. To heal ourselves we have got to put in the work. There is no magic pill.
What is found in nature, from the earth, can help solve some of our problems or ease our mental suffering, thus giving us a much richer life experience
Psilocybin helps you reinterpret your trauma.
Psychedelic Retreats: Is a bad trip really all bad?
Just because a healing molecule comes from the lab doesn’t mean it’s better than one that was formed in nature
Is psychedelic healing permanent or just while on retreat? Nothing worth doing or having is easy. You have to put in the work, and it doesn’t stop when you get home.