Why Bob Marley and Mushrooms?

What in the world does Bob Marley have to do with mushrooms?  Ganja definitely. Music sure.  But isn’t this a little opportunistic? 

Silo Wellness and the family of Bob Marley see this is an authentic collaboration that matches the Bob Marley philosophy with the Silo Wellness vision.   We are also skeptical of getting some famous product and putting lipstick on a pig.  Here’s what’s different: Bob Marley always spoke to oneness of life; that we are all one.  Of course, we take that to mean humankind is all one, but it can also mean the whole universe is all one. 

We talk about the ancient universal wisdom of mushrooms and psychedelics that have been used for thousands of years.  It has been used by indigenous tribes for centuries.   It’s just us in the Western World and modern medicine that has suddenly redeclared that it’s worth checking out. Western medicine often catches up late to the natural medicines but when it does it validates how the Earth as one can heal itself.  

There is a lot of talk in the psychedelic space that it’s all about “mindset and setting.”  That leaves out one integral component: intent.  When you reset the operating system or delete bad programing, what are you rebooting the system with?  How about an intent and purpose of One Love?  That’s what Bob Marley branded mushrooms brings to the table.